A2 Organic Desi Cow Ghee Kolhapur

Desi Cow Pure A2 Ghee Cow Ghee in Kolhapur,Best A2 Cow Ghee in Kolhapur, गाय का घी, कोल्हापुर Best A2 Cow Ghee in Kolhapur

Best A2 Cow Ghee in Kolhapur

“Human needs desi cows more than cows needs humans, cows needs to be preserved and protected for humans to survive” Desi cows has been a part of Indian village lifestyle, since ages unknown. It has helped mankind in farms to plough, on roads to carry loads, at home with milk, curd, ghee, and with gomutra and cow dung as fertilizer in farms. Desi cow is not only looked upon as a source of several benefits but also considered as a family member and revered with motherly status and called as “Gou Mata” .At our farm, we had selected best cows from breed Lal Kandhari or red kandhari which are one of desi cow breeds of Maharashtra. Our desi cows are feed naturally home grown organic fodder which is cultivated using cow dung slurry and is free from any chemicals (insecticides and pesticides ) sprays. Our desi cows are let free all day in open farm to graze with natural fresh air and sunlight which helps to keep the healthy and deliver good quality milk. Milk is removed daily twice by hand only after the calves are feed properly.

Characteristics :

Red Kandhari or Lal Kandhariis originally foundin Taluka Kandhar of District Nanded and some parts of Latur, Beed and Parbhani Districts They are named so because of their almost deep red coloured skin. It has all the characteristics of original desi cows such as Hump on back and dewlap below neck. The fore head is broad between the eyes and bulging with long ears dropping sidewise. Horne are evenly curved and medium sized. The eyes of these cows are shiny and having black coloured rings around eyes and ears. the skin is drawn tight over the body with small glossy hair. The udder is small and tucked up and the teats are small but placed in square. The average milk fat is 4 to 4.5 % while the daily milk yield ranges from 6 to 8 litres.

Identification of Desi Cows :

Hump : All Indian desi cows and bulls have distinct hump on their back.

Dewlap : Indian desicows develop a fold of loose skin hanging below neck. Dewlap provides high heat resistant capacity and make desi cows and bulls sustain all environment.

Benefits of A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee

A2 protein milk from desi cows is easy to digest and helps increase immunity and fights many diseases. A2 milk delivered from desi cows is good for body, mind and soul. A2 protein milk is an important source of calcium, minerals, protein and fat. Some people have had the experience that their digestive problems, diabetes, cholesterol issues etc have disappeared from changing to desi cow milk and ghee. Whereas the A1 protein milk produced from widely used Holste in Friesian ( HF ) and Jersey cows causes many digestive problems. Many studies have linked consumption of A1 milk to diseases like diabetes, coronary heart diseases, autism, etc.

Desi Ghee is known to be one the most easily digestible dairy fat. It helps in proper digestion, preventing constipation and detoxification. Ghee contains butyric acid which nourishes the cells of the intestines.

Full of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E & K, Desi Ghee helps in strengthening immunity. These vitamins play a major role in the functioning of the heart, brain and also bone development.

Even if you are lactose intolerant or casein intolerant, you can consume desi cow ghee without any worry. Since ghee is made from makkhan / loni, it does not have the milk solids or other impurities in it which other dairy products generally have. Also, casein (protein) is present in a really small amount in the desi ghee.

Our body needs some fats to assist the brain, nerves and skin health. These healthy fats are also vital for building cell membranes and strengthening them. If the ghee has any additives or adulteration like hydrogenated oils, trans-fats or oxidized cholesterol, it won’t benefit your body the way pure desi cow ghee would.

As you surely know, protein is an important part of our bodily functions, but there are different types of protein. Cow milk contains “complete” proteins, which means that they are directly useful to our body, both in the production of energy as well as in growth and natural development. As children, it is very important to drink milk on a regular basis, as research has largely concluded that growth and development, both physical and mental, can be boosted by this nutritious and natural drink.

Ghee works as a natural moisturizer and does wonders for dry skin. Even dry and chapped lips can be made smooth and soft by applying ghee on them. For any rash, burn or dark circles around eyes, ghee is like a miracle solution. You can read in detail about the benefits of desi cow ghee for skin and hair

The butyric acid which helps in digestion also helps to burn stubborn body fat thereby enhancing metabolism. Many doctors recommend desi ghee instead of butter for people with cholesterol.

Nutrition Facts Of Cows milk

  • Calories: 115.
  • Saturated fat: 9.3 grams.
  • Fat: 14.9 grams.
  • Carbohydrates: 0.
  • Cholesterol: 38.4 milligrams.
  • Vitamin A: 460.1 IU.
  • Vitamin E: 42 milligrams.

Products from Desi Cow

Cow Ghee in Kolhapur,Best A2 Cow Ghee in Kolhapur, गाय का घी, कोल्हापुर

Desi Cow Ghee

Made from A2 milk from desi cows. Prepared by traditional method using hand churning method. Process :milk boiling, curd making, curd churning to get butter and then heating butter to get pure desi ghee. Available in 250 ml and 500ml bottles.

Desi Cow Dhup Sticks

Natural Dhoop Stick

Hand made, sundried, using fresh cow dung, coconut oil, neem oil, bhimseni camphor, Chandan powder, etc . Helps to purify air, fights mosquitos and free from chemicals. Available in 30 and 60 nos packs.

Desi Cow Dung

Dried Cow Dung

Handmade, sundried, & chemical free. Helps to purify air, increase oxygen level. Used in Agnihotra, and other religious poojas, hooms and havans.

Desi Cows

A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee Manufacturer
A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee Manufacturer
A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee Manufacturer
A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee Manufacturer
A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee Manufacturer
A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee Manufacturer
A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee Manufacturer
A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee Manufacturer
A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee Manufacturer
A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee Manufacturer
A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee Manufacturer
A2 Organic Desi Cows Ghee Manufacturer