Free Range Organic Eggs

Free Range Organic Eggs Free Range Organic Eggs Free Range Organic Eggs

Natural Eggs

No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Animal By-products, No GMO’s

We at Sudarshan Agro Farms produce natural eggs for our consumers. Natural eggs production is the process of producing eggs through natural means such as cage free outdoor access to our laying hens. The laying hens are feed with fresh air, water and natural vegetarian feed which is produced at our own poultry feed plant at MIDC Kagal.

Our poultry feed is manufactured using natural ingredients such as Maize, soyabean , Wheat, Bajra, etc. We do not use any chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, or any animal by products such as fish meal, bone meal etc. in our feed. Our laying hens have access to natural surroundings all day and are able to exhibit their natural behavior such as scratching, perching etc. When we have happy hens we are sure that our consumers will get healthier eggs as well as peace of mind that the eggs come from the laying hens that are treated humanely and free.

Health Benefits Of Natural Eggs

Our organically maintained pastures is a source of highly nutritious plants, seeds, insects, legumes etc which our desi hens love to endlessly scratch, peck & eat. In addition a nutritionally balanced grain diet, fresh water and added herbs keeps not only our hens healthy but also makes them lay the best quality eggs.

  • For Kids - Helps in improving memory, IQ and stimulates healthy body growth
  • For Pregnant's - Essential amino acids, Iron content in our eggs support fetal growth and lowers risk of anemia
  • For Teens - Helps in increasing the skin glow and muscle development
  • For Adults - Helps in weight loss, promotes hair growth, improves fertility and sperm count
  • For Lactating Mother's - Improves quality of breast milk. Nutrients that present in our eggs enter mothers milk and help brain cell development, liver function of the infant.