We are having state of the art in house production facility of 4000 square feet which consist of the most modern machineries for processing turmeric and ginger rhizomes.

We get our raw material from our own farm and few contracted farmers. Our raw material is first cleaned at farm using fresh river water by pressurized water jet. Then the fresh rhizomes are transported in crates at our processing facility.

Fresh rhizomes are then stored at large storage facility completely free from dust, dirt and other foreign particles. Then the fresh rhizomes are further cleaned manually by pressurized water jet to remove any remaining foreign particles. Then by visual inspection very rhizome is sorted and segregated manually for further processing. The fresh rhizome then goes through our standardized process of drying after size reduction.

The dried rhizomes are then converted into powder and sieved in standard sieves. The powder is then packed in aluminum foil bags of 10 kg having high moisture barrier conforming to European standard.

Quality Control

Having Adopted ISO-22000 Quality Management System

We have adopted ISO 22000 quality management system from day one from raw material to finished products so that the end customers get only the best quality product.

We have a strong dedicated quality control department and a highly experienced and qualified staff.

Our every process is standardized, recorded, monitored at every step using digital instruments.

Sudarshan Agro Foods
Sudarshan Agro Foods
Sudarshan Agro Foods